About Me

Hi, I’m Andrea


From an early age I loved sports and was always very active. At one point I wanted to be a sports teacher, but life decided differently. After having my two boys my life changed and I had less time for myself – I couldn’t leave the house to go to a gym at a certain time for a certain class. But when the boys started kindergarten I met Martina, now my good friend, who looked amazing after also having two children and I found out that she was teaching Power Yoga! That’s when my yoga journey started! I could have private lessons with her, when it suited me, and I simply loved it! I fell in love with Power Yoga! I could see the results very quickly. It brought my post-pregnancy body back to normal, it strengthened my core, it gave me power and it kept me fit and young! That was in 2009. Since then I have been practicing regularly twice a week.

Soon after I started I realized yoga would be great for my boys. But I could not find any classes or a teacher. One night I was scrolling through Facebook and there was an ad popping up – “GroovyKids™ Yoga Teacher Training” – and it hit me like a bolt of lightning – this is what I need and what I should do! Teach my own kids at home and their friends at school! I will bring GroovyKids™ Yoga to the schools! The next weekend I was in a very intense course and I have successfully completed it! I have gained the experience needed on my own two boys – they are the most enthusiastic mini yogis, along with my friend Csilla’s two kids who also joined for lessons. And that’s how it all started.

I’m offering GroovyKids™ Yoga classes on location in schools or in private homes and our Power Yoga classes are conducted in private homes. You can read more about my classes on the link below.